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Wed, 5 May 2004 

Browsing through your "Pick Temple" website brought back a memory I'd like to share. I remember becoming a "Giant Ranger" back in the early 50's.

From time to time Pick would telephone one of his "rangers" from his show. One afternoon our phone rang, and it was Pick! My mom called me to the phone, which was near the TV. I could hear Pick asking me questions. All I did was nod toward the TV -- thinking he could see me nodding! After all, I couldn't have been more than 3 1/2 or 4 at the time! My mom took the phone from me and finished the conversation with Pick.

Thanks so much for pleasant memories.

Ray Barger, Jr.
Hagerstown, MD 

Sun, 2 May 2004 

Greetings from Mexico. I just came upon your website almost by accident and it has brought back many memories. I lived near Washington D.C. in the early to late 60s and I remember the Ranger Hal program very well. In fact, I never missed it.

I also remember very well the tragic Kennedy assassination in Nov. 1963 and I'm sure that due to the confusion in young peoples minds (including mine) upon hearing that "Oswald shot the president", it was thought that Oswald Rabbit was the culprit. On the show it was made clear to the young viewers that Oswald Rabbit did not shoot the President. Does anyone else remember this? I could swear that my memory is not failing and that this did happen. ...

My memory has been refreshed after 38 or 40 years. I remember Bill Gormly, Miss Connie (sorry to find out about her death), The Three Stooges, I could not remember the name of Captain Tugg or his parrot even though I remember the show and the parrot being sent off to space with his seaweed crackers. All this is coming back to me after so many years. Its incredible.

I also remember that the man who had the Three Stooges show (Mr. Johnson) also hosted a show I believe that showed old (mostly B science fiction ) movies. I remember one show he hosted with the movie KRONOS. I also recall his recomendations to youngsters not to try any of the Stooges antics. I remember too that my older brother told me that Bill Gormly did all his characters but I thought at the time that they were all different people.

I once went to the opening of a Giant or Grand Union supermarket with the appearance of Ranger Hal, but I was too shy to get near him. I'm sorry now that I missed that experience.


Sat, 1 May 2004

I was born in Washington DC, Jan 1953.  I really don't remember much until I started school in 1958. That also happens to be when my folks brought home our first television, floor model, big black and white picture. I remember wondering what that UHF knob was for, cause nothing ever played there but static. Channel 5 was a different story, and Channel 4.

PickTemple was one of my early heroes, I loved his show. It seems I sent a million cards in to get on his show, when to my surprise, I finally got one back saying I was invited. I always felt I was a legitimate wild west cowboy type hero since I had been born in Northwest DC. I had a Mattel Fifty Fanner with holster, and felt I could slap leather with the best of them. I was sure my mom would buy me the rest of the western attire required for the show, I was lock jawed when she laid out my sailor suit. A cowboy with a sailor suit, how ridiculous. I was steamed. Pick would never pick me to draw on the puppet in a sailor suit.

To my surprise he really got a kick out of my outfit, a sailor gunslinger. He picked from the throng of kids sitting on the bleachers. I was the only one wearing a sailor hat. My dream had come true. I was on the Pick Temple show, about to draw against the puppet and win loads of goodies. I drew as fast as I could, lightning fast, but Pick said the puppet got me. I argued right into the cartoon. I still got a big bag of goodies from Giant Food, every kid there got one. I hoped for a second shot at the puppet, but I never did get it. That had to be 1959 or 60.

I also loved Capt Tugg, Pow Wow the Indian Boy, Tom Terrific, Bozo the Clown, (the Willard Scott version, the true Bozo), and Gigantor flipped my wig. Popeye, Sky King, My Friend Flicka.  We had such wholesome shows in those days. all in glorious black and white. Thanks for this site.

I told my grandkids that I had been on TV in the 50's on the Pick Temple show, and no one knew the name, especially down here in Memphis TN. I lucked up and found this site looking for Pow Wow the Indian Boy stills. You made an old guy smile again and a believer out of my offspring, thanks.

John David Jones

April 2004

I too was on the Pick Temple show as were my brothers.  I vaguely remember being told that we would be taken to see Popeye's ship about halfway through the show.  But this turned out to be a trip to the bathroom down the hall from the production studio.  Does anyone else remember this....or has time warped my memory? ... 

Another Pick Temple fan.

Sat, 3 Apr 2004 

As a Washington, DC native my sisters and I were on one or the other of these shows.  I remember all of our names were sent to Pick Temple to get on the show and there were only 1 or 2 of us who went on that.  I remember being so disappointed I didn't get to go.  I so wanted to see the pony and ride him. 

Ranger Hal we all went to.  I remember being back stage and what was the name of the other on that show? A rabbit or something.  But being a brat, I remember being told that there was something that either came out of or went into this things mouth and I remember taking my hand and shoving it down the throat of this thing to prove him wrong. 

Bozo we all loved, and went on there too.  Boy, these memories come back after hearing so much about them. 

Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans were great favorites too!

Karen Ryan Crawford

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