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Lee Reynolds as *Grandpa* (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)
"Grandpa's Place"
Grandpa's Place Opening Slide (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)
(Courtesy of Tim Hollis)
In a May 2001 interview, Lee Reynolds stated that he drew
the "Grandpa's Place" title slide (above) based on a house
in Alexandria where he was living at the time. 
Lee Reynolds as *Grandpa* (Donated by Skip McCloskey)(From 1963 AFTRA Directory)
Aired on WTTG-TV 5
Monday through Friday
Afternoons, at various times
From Spring 1957 to January 1960:
 (Spring until Winter 1957)
 3:30 to 4:00PM
 (Early 1958)
 4:30 to 5:00PM
 (Fall 1958 to 1/1/60) 
 3:30 to 4:00PM
Lee Reynolds
In the 1963 AFTRA Directory
(Donated by Skip McCloskey)
Lee Reynolds as "Grandpa".
Grandpa (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)
Broadcast live from the WTTG-TV studios in the Raleigh Hotel
with sketches, puppets, animal alphabets and other bits.
Featuring Looney Toons Cartoons
The cartoons featured on the program were the irresistible  "Looney Tunes"; broadcast in glorious black and white. Although originally produced by Warner Brothers' studios before the 1950s, these shorts had been sold-off by "The WB" and carried the copyright of "Guild Films".
Grandpa (Coutesy of Tim Hollis)
The show took the slot of "Pete's Place" when Pete Jamerson suddenly switched stations to WMAL-TV 7. Lee Reynolds, who had produced
"Pete's Place", became the new show's talent as "Grandpa".
Grandpa (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)
Reynolds previously directed "Milt Grant's Record Hop", "Miss Cindy Lou's Melody Ranch" and "The Billy Johnson Show" on Channel 5. He subsequently hosted "Cap'n Tugg" on Weekdays from 1958 until 1966
and "Captain Lee & Mates" on Saturday Mornings from 1964 to 1966.
The Jingle Dingle Book - Provided by Tim Hollis
(Provided By Tim Hollis)
According to Tim Hollis (author of "Hi There, Boys and Girls! - America's Local Children'sTV Programs"), Grandpa promoted a character called "Jingle Dingle". The Wonder Book (above) dates from that period, when Jingle (who sparked a pile of retail toy items) was being franchised as a weather character to stations willing to pay for the puppet.
Grandpa's Radio Set (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)

In a sound bite at Kidshow Klips, provided by Tim Hollis,
Grandpa plugs a toy ham radio set prize, and says
"You might even be able to contact Jingle Dingle in the weather center.
Grandpa's Radio (Courtesy of Tim Hollis)

Hear a "Grandpa's Place" Show Opening at Kidshow Klips.
The show's theme music was Percy Faith's arrangement and performance of "Bluebell", which was identified and donated to this web site by Bill Halvorsen. (Hear the complete tune at Kidshow Klips).
Lee Reynolds as *Grandpa* (Donated by Skip McCloskey)(From 1963 AFTRA Directory)
One of Grandpa's most notable sponsors was "Flav-R Straws".

Skip McCloskey remembers: "Flav-R Straws had a piece of cardboard inside that was coated with a flavor. (I only remember chocolate & strawberry.) As you sipped milk thru the straw, it would give you that flavored taste. It wasn't soon after that you learned how to 'backwash' and force the color back into the glass and turn the white milk into a muddy mess. The only thing worse was disecting the straw and either licking the cardboard for the flavor or (if you took the straw apart while it was still wet) taking the cardboard out and letting the color (artificial, I'm sure) drip all over your mom's tablecloth. Something that surely would get you sent to your room for the rest of the afternoon." 

Hear Grandpa's "Flav-R Straws" Commercial at Kidshow Klips.
Grandpa Entertains at Glen Echo (Courtesy: Richard Cook)
(Photo Courtesy Richard Cook of The Glen Echoes)
Grandpa "puts on the charm" at Glen Echo Park
Lee Reynolds, both as "Grandpa" and "Cap'n Tugg", got great publicity mileage from on-air appearances at Glen Echo Amusement Park.
Grandpa and Fans on The Comet Jr. at Glen Echo Park (Donated by Jack Maier)
Grandpa and Fans on "The Comet Jr." at Glen Echo
(Donated by Jack Maier)
These "action photos" of Grandpa appeared in the TV documentary
"Glen Echo On The Potomac" by Kevin Wyrauch, (courtesy:Jack Maier).
Grandpa and friends take a spin at Glen Echo (Donated by Jack Maier)
Grandpa and Friends Take a Spin at Glen Echo
(Donated by Jack Maier)
In 1977, Trisha Katson spoke to Lee Reynolds for her article "Whatever Happened To Those Kiddie Show Hosts?".  She wrote that Reynolds based the Grandpa character, with van dyke beard and white hair, on his own grandfather. Reynolds said that Grandpa's Place ended (about a year after Cap'n Tugg premiered) because of a kid's commercial shortage.
In a message to Gary Helton (webmaster of Baltimore's CrabCityKidsTV.Com), Lee Reynolds wrote:

"I was doing 'Grandpa's Place' at the time WTTG purchased the Popeye cartoon package. They held auditions, looking for a  personality to act as host for a program featuring these cartoons.  I was encouraged by friends
at the station to create a suitable character, preferably a sailor. It had
to be radically different in appearance from the Grandpa makeup.
Tugg and all the characters, plus the sets, were all my creation."

"The show ended when I joined a geology professor and a crew of students from American University on a 'round-the-world' cruise to explore volcanos.  This left the void which was filled by the new programs.  Money was not a factor.  Nothing could have been cheaper than the budget for my shows.  (Incidentally, the expedition failed when our 72-foot ketch was damaged in a storm in the Red Sea in 1966.)"

"Unfortunately, I don't think children's programming
as it existed in those days will ever come back. ..."
Following his world voyage, Lee Reynolds returned to DC where
he worked at WETA-TV 26 for twenty-three years before retiring.

Lee Reynolds as *Grandpa* (Donated by Skip McCloskey)(From 1963 AFTRA Directory)
A 3/14/93 article titled "Alma Mateys" by Buzz McClain
in the "Washington Post Magazine" (found on the "J Street" page,
under the caption, "living legends") told of these facts;
Lee Reynolds In His Plane (1993 Washington Post Photo)
(1993 Washington Post Photo)
Lee Reynolds, born in 1926, retired in 1991 from WETA-26
after 23 years as announcer, director and writer.
As of 1993, Reynolds had two sons, four grandkids. 
Reynolds had actually lived on a 45-foot yawl
at the Washington Sailing Marina during the time
he portrayed Cap'n Tugg on TV
In 1966, Reynolds set on a two-year sailing expedition to explore volcanos. His boat sank during a storm
in the Red Sea part-way through the journey.
As of 1993, Reynolds was flying a red Cessna 150
out of Manassas several times a week, and stated
"I learned to fly before I could sail".
Lee Reynolds In The Early 1990s (From Glen Echo Documentary By Kevin Wyrauch)
Lee Reynolds, Early 1990s 
(Donated by Jack Maier)
In 1994, Lee Reynolds received the "Silver Circle"; established by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to recognize individuals who have devoted a quarter-century or more to the broadcasting industry and who have also made a significant contribution to the D.C. community. 
This kinescope of Billy Johnson's WTTG show features two appearances by special guest Lee Reynolds of Grandpa's Place.
The show is available to buy on DVD from Ira Gallen's web site.
Sources: Photos/sounds from Tim Hollis, (author of "Hi There, Boys and Girls! - America's Local Children's TV Programs").Theme song & info from Bill Halvorsen. Other photos: from "Glen Echo On The Potomac" by Kevin Wyrauch; from Jack Maier, Skip McCloskey (1963 AFTRA Directory), and  Richard Cook of The Glen Echoes.  Other data from Mr. Lee Reynolds and from "Whatever Happened To Those Kiddie Show Hosts?"; Trisha Katson, 1977, George Mason University's Phoebe Magazine, (provided by John Ahmad & Jack Maier). "Alma Mateys" by Buzz McClain; "Washington Post Magazine" 3/14/93,  (on the "J Street" page, under the caption, "living legends") and provided by Jack Maier. Airtimes obtained from listings in the Washington Post & Star papers.
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