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"Lee Reynolds"
Lee Reynolds, c. 1963
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The Lee Reynolds Photo Album
(All Photos From the Collection of Lee Reynolds)
Lee Reynolds, DJ on AFN, Bremen (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
From 1946 to 1949, Lee served in Germany with AFN, Bremen, (American Forces Network). Along with his disk jockey thing, he starred as "The Man With A Million Voices" on the half hour comedy radio show "Take A Break". 
From 1956 to 1959, Lee put several of those million voices to work in his first childrens' TV show "Grandpa's Place" on WTTG-TV 5. He based the main character with van dyke beard and white hair on his own beloved grandfather.
Grandpa and Cane (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Grandpa With Hat (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
The show took the slot of "Pete's Place" when Pete Jamerson suddenly switched stations to WMAL-TV 7 in the Spring of 1956. Lee, who was director of "Pete's Place", became the new show's talent.
"Grandpa's Place" would feature a guest from time-to-time as celebrities passed through the area on various promotions.
The creator of the Lil' Abner comic strip, Al Capp, did a caricature of Grandpa that made him look like Pappy Yokum!
(That's Mammy Yokum shown here.)
Cartoonist Al Capp and Grandpa (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Grandpa and Guests (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds) These youngsters from Pakistan received an audience with Grandpa on his program's set, as well as a coveted portrait card of their host for a take-home souvenir.
Grandpa would take his show on-location at popular Glen Echo Amusement Park to mix and mingle with the youngsters who made-up his devoted audience. Here, Grandpa attracts quite a following while on the move past the Skooters.
Grandpa Runs Past the Skooters at Glen Echo (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Grandpa Dives (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
In this gag publicity photo, Grandpa dons a traditional "Gay '90s" swimming suit for a graceful low-dive into Glen Echo's Crystal Pool. It is unlikely his suit ever got wet. 
Grandpa puts-on the charm with a group of spiffed-up youngsters at Glen Echo. These pint-sized darlings may have been participating in an Easter gala or perhaps a junior beauty contest.
Grandpa and a Line-up of Youngsters (Courtesy: Richard Cook and Lee Reynolds)
Guessing Grandpa's Age (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
In another gag publicity photo, the fellow who promises to "Guess Your Age" at Glen Echo Park is stumped by the 31-year-old man with a 71-year-old face and costume.
Three lucky fans each enjoy a tasty box of popcorn and a memorable spin with Grandpa on Glen Echo's "Tilt-A-Whirl".
Grandpa on the Tilt-A-Whirl (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Grandpa and WTTG Gang (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Taking delivery of one of the first Ampex Video Tape machines in DC, Dick Vaughn (announcer), Miss Connie Bohlin, Grandpa, Milt Grant, Santa (Norman Bernhart, stage hand) and newsman Matthew Warren stand in front of WTTG's Raleigh Hotel studios. A ribbon and bow indicate that the VTR is a special present to the staff and Station Manager John MacArdle. 
When WTTG obtained the rights to air Popeye cartoons in 1958, Lee auditioned and won the job of host as "Cap'n Tugg", and created a cast of unique supporting characters from his own imagination.
Cap'n Tugg (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Fantail and Mr. Flannagan (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Shown at left are just two of Lee's most popular associates; "Fantail the Parrot" and the rarely seen "Mr. Flannagan". 
Lee Reynolds could be called upon to do double-duty as both Grandpa and Tugg at Glen Echo from 1958 to '59. In this live shot, Tugg is surrounded by admirers as a young swimmer assists with the cable.
Cap'n Tugg at Glen Echo (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Lee on his boat Chippawa (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Everyone knew the "Channel Queen", but fans never knew the Captain's real boat.  Lee Reynolds 'off-camera' vessel was a 45 foot Crosby yawl, built in 1909.  Her name was Chippewa, and he lost her in a storm in November of 1967. 
Lee Reynolds assumed another new identity in 1964 with the debut of WTTG's "Captain Lee and Mates".  Lee's "main mate" was Alexander the Great Dane. He was a great companion.  Danes don't live long, (usually about six years). Alex lived to be a bit over ten years old.
Capt. Lee and Alex (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Alexander catches Captain Lee off-guard in this candid publicity photo captioned "His ear smells funny!" 
The Channel Queen life ring still assumes its newly assigned position in late 2003. 
Channel Queen Life Ring in 2003 (Courtesy:Lee Reynolds)
Visit "Grandpa's Place"
Visit "Cap'n Tugg" and
"Captain Lee and Mates"
Grandpa and Tugg (lower left corner) on TV Junior Magazine, August 1959 (Courtesy: Jack Maier)
Lee Reynolds as Grandpa and Tugg (lower left corner) on
"TV Junior" Magazine, August 1959 (Courtesy:Jack Maier) David P. Samson (left) as Elmer Fishpaw in John Waters' POLYESTER
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