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Constance *Miss Connie* Bohlin of WTTG-TV Channel-5's Romper Room (Courtesy: Bill Todd)
"Miss Connie"
of WTTG-TV's Romper Room
Constance Bohlin
Raised near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Constance "Connie" Bohlin attended Boston University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree as a Research Biologist. Then, after one year, she returned to the school to earn a Master's Degree in Education.
Before starting her broadcasting career, Connie taught junior high school classes. She appeared on a similar childrens' TV program at a station in Albany, NY prior to her move to the Washington area.

Miss Connie was encouraged to audition for the Romper Room position by her husband who saw a newspaper ad stating "television teacher wanted". She was selected for the job from a pool of more than sixty-five applicants
Miss Connie on WTTG-5 's The Romper Room
Pick Temple's 3000th Show, w/Connie Bohlin, Lee Reynolds, Pete Jamerson, Hal Shaw (Courtesy: Park Temple)
Joining Pick Temple for his 3000th show on 5 Mar 1960 were (l to r) Miss Connie,
Lee Reynolds (Cap'n Tugg), Pete Jamerson (Pete & His Pals), Hal Shaw (Ranger Hal).
From Pick Temple's Collection , Courtesy: Park Temple
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In a 1965 Evening Star interview, Connie Bohlin spoke of her start on Romper Room. "I was very young and unsophisticated with long hair that just hung straight. And I was so nervous during my first Romper Room show that I went through the entire program in half the allotted time. The director was frantic."

1961 ad courtesy

1961 Ad (Courtesy:
Jack Maier in his cowpoke pose
Jack Maier proudly notes; "I am a WTTG 'Romper Room with Miss Connie' graduate from about 1961.  I remember going to the Raleigh Hotel, but sadly I no longer have any pictures or memorabilia. Until I was about 7, I had my 'Be A Do Bee, Don't Be A Don't Bee' Diploma on my wall.  Wish I had it now."
Bill Todd's 1966 Diploma (Courtesy: Bill Todd)
Bill Todd shares his 1966 Diploma with us.
Click Diploma For Larger View
Correspondent Bill Todd attended Miss Connie's WTTG-TV
Romper Room School from December 19th to December 30th 1966.
(Bill is sitting, slightly turned, third from the left in this photo.)
Bill Todd, Miss Connie, WTTG-TV's Romper Room 12/66 (Courtesy:Bill Todd)
The above "Don't Bee" warns "Don't Be Toy Selfish". 'Though the
board is blocked, "Do Bee" likely states "Do Bee Toy Sharing".
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Rick Todd (brother) and dad George Todd, Romper Room. 12/66 (Courtesy:Bill Todd)
Bill Todd's older brother Rick (l.) and their dad George
(center) watch the proceedings from behind the scenes.
Click Photo For Larger View
Bill Todd, Miss Connie, WTTG-TV's Romper Room 12/66 (Courtesy:Bill Todd)
The kids eat a nutritous snack in Bill Todd's final photo.
A stage hand reportedly wasn't too pleased when
Bill spilled milk on the dark-haired girl at his table.
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Sunday Star TV Magazine Grid For Romper Room, January 1960
Sean Hall contributes: "I was probably on the
WTTG Romper Room show half a dozen times ... 
(Miss Connie taught me to dial a phone)."
Map of Sherwood Hall Lane and Gum SpringsTom Mechling recalls; "Miss Connie lived on Sherwood Hall Ln which runs between Ft. Hunt Rd & US 1, coming out at Gum Springs, an orig- inal land grant to George Washington’s African slaves. Stories of horrible living conditions there were legion and perhaps apocryphal as it was alleged that slaves still lived there in the early '50s (like Japanese soldiers who didn't believe WWII was lost many years after '45).  Connie’s brick rambler was right on the border. The kicker was the black mail box on the fence complete with Romper Room 'Jack-in-the-Box' decal for all to see. As a 15 year-old walking to my job at Top’s Drive-Inn, I took heart from that familiar icon before rounding the corner that merged into the ill-lit & mysterious streets of Gum Springs. ..."
The Little Theatre of AlexandriaAfter WTTG dropped "Romper Room" in January of 1967, Connie Bohlin found part-time employment with a nursery school and with the Alexandria Recreation Department. She also continued her theatrical interests with the Little Theatre of Alexandria  where she had the lead role in a production of Irving Berlin's musical "Call Me Madam", based on the life of Washington DC's "hostess with the mostess",  Perle Mesta. 

A correspondent named Lawrence adds: "I recall my parents taking me to see Connie in a children's play at The Warner Theater when I was a child."

 Mrs. Constance Anne Bohlin, 40, died suddenly on December 28th, 1972.
The sad details of her passing were carried in these newspaper reports: Washington Star-News, 12/29/1972   Washington Post, 12/30/1972
Washington Star-News, 12/30/1972   Washington Post, 12/31/1972

The coroner's findings were reported in the Washington Post, 1/17/1973.

Debra Nickens discovered: "I was sad to see the post on Miss Connie.... I did check the Social Security Death Index and found 'Constance Bohlin; born 24 Jan 1932, died Dec 1972'.  Such a loss to the DC Community."

Miss Connie Bohlin, Grandpa and WTTG Gang (Courtesy: Lee Reynolds)
Taking delivery of one of the first Video Tape decks in DC, announcer Dick Vaughn,
 Miss Connie Bohlin, Grandpa (Lee Reynolds), Milt Grant, Santa (Norman Bernhart,
stage hand) and newsman Matthew Warren stand in front of WTTG's Raleigh Hotel
studios. A ribbon and bow indicate that the VTR is a special present to the staff
and Station Manager John MacArdle. From the Collection of Lee Reynolds

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