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Cowboy Joe Campbell (c. 1954)
"Cowboy Joe Campbell Show"
Photos ©2004, Estate of Joseph Pendleton
Campbell. All rights reserved.

Aired on WNBW-TV 4.
Broadcast Live from
Wardman Park Hotel studios.

June 1954 - September 1954
15-minute Broadcast
(June 14 - August 20, 1954)
9:45 - 10:00am, Weekdays
(August 23 - Sept. 10, 1954)
2:45 - 3:00pm, Weekdays
Host: Joseph Pendleton Campbell
as “Cowboy Joe”

Joe's Ranch ad, Evening Star, April 1, 1953
Joe Campbell first polished his TV cowboy act at competing station WMAL-TV 7's Joe's Ranch in 1953. Then, Joe's personal manager Paul Menzer thought it might work to Joe's advantage to take his act to Channel-4, so Joe obtained a release from Channel-7 station manager Charles Kelly and got hired by the higher-rated NBC affiliate uptown.

The new "Cowboy Joe Campbell" show debuted on the morning of
Monday, June 14, 1954 as a fifteen-minute-a-weekday program.
The presentation immediately preceded the NBC network show "Ding Dong School" with Miss Frances, which originated from Chicago.
TV Highlight in Post TV Section of 6.13.54

Ad for Circle 4 Ranch, Washington Post, October 1954
In addition to hosting the weekday program, each week Joe would be preparing for his hosting duties on the hour-plus-long Saturday "Circle 4 Ranch" which featured full-length western filmed adventures and time for more elaborate skits..  

Joe's weekday program was actively promoted as "a series about the old west" with "western songs and movies, too." Presumably the "movies" were actually "short subjects" or  "cliff-hanger serials" that once graced the screen of the old neighborhood Bijou.
Ad From Washington Post, 6.16.54

Glen Echo "Pepsi Joe" Ad in Post, 9.2.54
As had been done the previous year by competitor WMAL-TV, Channel-4 would promote Joe's shows (and Pepsi-Cola) with personal appearances by Joe Campbell at Glen Echo in September of 1954. Two lucky kids would win a pony of their own, (could both ponies have possibly been named "Pepsi Joe"?), and their parents would promptly face the harsh reality of raising a horse in an urban setting.

Although a new school year was looming for otherwise carefree DC area kids on Friday, September 3rd, 1954... they packed Glen Echo's Kiddieland Pavilion at both 4 and 9 pm to witness the drawing of the lucky pony-winning tickets.
Drawing a crowd at Glen Echo's "Pepsi Joe Campbell" Day, 9.3.54

1954 WNBW-TV Publicity Card Shortly after classes resumed for the 1954 to 1955 school year, Joe's 15-minute weekday show was replaced by a program titled "DC Schools" (and later renamed "Channel-4 Learning"). Station management promptly assigned him to a second performance on Sunday mornings of his hit Saturday "Circle 4 Ranch" program.

Visit "Circle 4 Ranch"
Visit "Joe's Ranch"
More Images From The
Joe Campbell Scrapbook
Visit Joe Campbell
at Kidshow Klips
Joseph Pendleton Campbell (1990's Photo)(©2004, Estate of Joseph Pendleton Campbell. All rights reserved.)
 (©2004, Estate of Joseph Pendleton Campbell. All rights reserved.)
Joe Campbell passed-away on November 10, 2003 at age 79,
but not before he was able to complete, and see, his auto-
biography, "On The Edge of Greatness (But No Cigar)", in print.
The book may be ordered through or Barnes & Noble.
Photos and articles ©2004, Estate of Joseph Pendleton Campbell. All rights reserved.
Data provided courtesy of Sharen Campbell Dowdy with Mark and Phil Campbell.
Some data provided by TV listings inThe Evening Star and The Washington Post. David P. Samson (left) as Elmer Fishpaw in John Waters' POLYESTER
Public Library, District of Columbia, Washingtoniana Division
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