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Fri Dec 24, 2004

Looking for help on the name of a show that my sister and I used to watch in the early morning by the heater and under a blanket. It was a sci-fi type of show where these people would live underground and save the world. We lived in the Maryland area. It must have been on WTTG or WMAL.

It was in the late 50's around 1957. It was more like a Buck Rogers series, Ths ship that landed on the planet was a rickity old space ship on really poor graphics by todays standards. It was in black and white.They would get off the ship and take an elevator down below the surface after their mission. Sometimes they were invaded and have to recapture their home. It was not animated. They wore space suits at times and lived underground when returning from a mission. My sister and I both remember it well.

Randy McCook
Fri, 24 Dec 2004
This site brings back wonderful memories from my childhood. My mother took me on a streetcar to appear on the Pick Temple Show. We sat in the bleachers. One or two lucky children were always chosen to come up front and say hi to their families. They said, "Hi, Mom; Hi, Dad." And then the cow would go "Moo!" That meant the kids' time was up.

Sweet memories.

Bonnie Atwood
Thu, 16 Dec 2004

One of Pick Temple's GuitarsI am one of Pick Temple
's Great Nephews. My family loves your site and I frequent it often.  ...

My Uncle Charlie (Pick's Nephew from Tucson) sent me one of Uncle Pick's guitars the other day as a big surprise.  It was reconditioned over the last year or so in a large humidor type of place in Arizona.  We live here in Maryland and my Uncle thought it would be in good hands here and since the humidity here is a bit higher than there, he figured it would be better preserved here. ... Click to see more photos.
I already have two of Pick's records framed, so I guess my Uncle Charlie thought I could add it to my wall of fame.  My Grandfather is sending me a glass that he has with Uncle Pick on it as well.  My grandparents have a bunch of old pics as well that I am looking forward to scanning one of these days.
When the guitar arrived the other day, I got a chill of excitement up my spine and it brought back a lot of good memories for me.  It's often that I run into people in the Washington Metro area where we live that are around my Dad's age that were on the show and remember him fondly.  It always makes me smile.
Michael Weisel, Gaithersburg, MD
Mon, Dec 6 2004 Newsbag on Channel-5 WTTG

I am a former child host of Newsbag ('80s).  I was looking up something on the internet and stumbled upon this site.  I am curious what other information you have about Newsbag and what ever happened with this show. 

I would love to provide you with as much information about Newsbag I can remember, from a then 13 year old kid.  I was on the show for about a year around '81-'82.  The producer at the time was Paul Smith. I don't remember the directors name.

Newsbag on Channel-5 WTTGAs a kid, I was always interested in television and at 12, I remember getting the phone number for WTTG and calling them myself inquiring about how I could get on "Newsbag".  Here I was, this naive 12 year old, who was immediately put on the phone with the producer.  I was asked to come in for an interview.  I remember we had to bring in a current events article of interest to read on the set.  I guess I did a decent job, because I was hired.  I think after a year or so, they liked to get fresh faces, so my tenure was a little over a year.

This started my true love of television, in fact, I continue to work in the industry in a different capacity.  Boy, would I love to be able to do the show again today, with all the advanced technologies that weren't available to us at the time.  We didn't use prompters and boy did it show.  We really didn't have any proper coaching and that showed too.  But, I guess the show was local and we all had a certain innocence that you don't see on broadcast television today.  I often think how wonderful it would be to produce a similiar product today with a much more professional and updated feel.  I guess Linda Ellerbee had the right idea in her approach to current events for kids.

The hosts at the time were: Kimberly Maher. Phill Lewis, Augie Cruz and Lauren Targoff.
Newsbag on Channel-5 WTTG

The show was produced at WTTG in I believe what is now their Fox newsroom/studio.  I still can hear the intro and promo music in my head.  Tim Medina used to sign for the hearing impaired in the bottom of the screen.

I am not sure about Kim or Augie, what they have moved on to, but I do know that Phill Lewis is an actor, who had a prominent role in City Slickers and I believe has done many other things, but my facts aren't clear.

Sun, 5 Dec 2004

My name is John Krausse and my family lived in Arlington, Va from 8/60 to 8/64.  ...
Bozo  (Willard Scott) came to visit my school in early '62.  It was a Saturday morning at St. Anne School and all the kids were lined up in the auditorium to take turns sitting next to him for a minute.   I was scared to death at first, but he put me at ease.  Our conversation went like this:  B: What's your name little boy?  J: Johnny Krausse  B: Well Johnny Krausse, you're a mouse!    I laughed at this brilliant tidbit of information, then we beeped noses and it was over.
Cap'n Tugg and Fantail were apparently discussing what they were going to take on a picnic lunch.   Fantail said : "And gooseliver sandwiches!"    We then turned and asked Mom what gooseliver was and she replied "Why, that's liverwurst.  You eat it all the time."   We let out a collective "EWWWWW!!!!!!!" and never touched liverwurst again.
My only memory of 
PJ's Club was his conversations with "Mr. Claw".   Mr. Claw was one of those rubber horror gloves with the hairy warts, etc...   He would poke out of a square trap door or hole in a regular door and P.J. would have a "conversation" with him.   Unfortunately, Mr. Claw couldn't talk.   He would move around and grunt like a wild animal instead, but you could kind of understand what he was trying to say.
I stumbled onto your site by accident and it was a very pleasant surprise.   I almost cried when I saw 
Ranger Hal It's been over 40 years since I've even thought of the dude.

John in Brownsville, TX
Thu, 2 Dec 2004
Just happened to find your Web Site.  I grew up in the D.C. area, and was on Ranger Hal twice, and Pick Temple
once. Do you know if there is an archives that would have the old video tapes of these shows?  - I would love to be able to show my kids!  What an absolutely SUPER Web site.  Thanks fo the memories!
Ted Turner
Hollywood, MD
Mon, 29 Nov 2004
Growing up in Bethesda from 1961 to well now, I suppose I am amazed at seeing Captain 20
again... I am interested in the show called Wing Ding.... there was a particular song that was on it has stuck in my head since '69, or '70... All I remember is that is had the refrain "girl" in it, and it had shots of a guy looking for a girl in and around a fortress, like Ft McHenry... Ring any bells out there ? Anyone ? Might have been a local group, or someone like the Sandpipers.

By the way,  I  won a gerbil race once... Always bet on Ultraman, and I won a bike.

Do you remember Ranger Hal
? I was on that show too.
best and keep up the fab site
brian and sherri gross
in poolesville maryland
Wed, 17 Nov 2004

What was 
Pick Temple'
s horse's name? The pony was Piccolo but what was his horse's name?????

Smith Livestock

Kap responds: I posed your question to Pick Temple's son, Park, and here's his answer:
"Wonder of wonders - I know the name.  His registered name - he was a thoroughbred - was Van Philip, and he was known as Phil.

How did I know?  I am going through my family's photos and sorting out scenery from the real pictures.  I found Dad's annotation of a few pictures of Phil being groomed for the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1960, including a picture of Dave Swetnam, who was Phil's owner."

Wed, 17 Nov 2004

I grew up in the DC area and was there from 1948 to 1967.  I'm 56 years old and living in Sacramento, California.  I went to Thomas Edison High in Alexandria, Virginia.

I graduated in 1967 from Edison.  Two years ago, we celebrated our 35th reunion in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.  Well, the topic of conversation was the Pick Temple
show.  Many of us including myself appeared on the show, I even won a price shooting a dart gun or arrow, can't remember which it was now.  But I remember the prize, it was a cake!

I guess my question is, do any tapes remain, is it possible to get a video of any of the shows?
I must have been on the show in the late 50's, that would have made me about 10 years old, does that sound right?

George Costenbader

Kap replies: "Sadly, I'm not aware of any of the thousands of programs that Pick Temple hosted that were preserved. Almost all of them were performed live."
Sun, 14 Nov 2004

Dick Mansfield lived in Cheverly, Maryland.  What I remember about him most is that he would visit elementary schools in Prince George County, MD and give talks about traffic safety.  Dick always dressed in the uniform of an officer on the Metropolitan Police Dept., located in Wash., D. C.  While he spoke he would draw examples to show us children what he was talking about.  Before ending his talk Dick would recruit all of the children to become "Safety Cavaliers" and we would sing a song "We're all Safety Cavaliers, we use our eyes and ears......".  Each child would receive a "Safety Cavalier" button(s) to wear on outer garment.  I remember his show, on local TV station WTTG in Washington, D. C., as being very similar to his presentations he made at schools.

Jim McVay 
Wed, 3 Nov 2004

Love your webpage! My name is Gene Crowell and I was born in Prince George's County, Maryland in 1969. I was fortunate enough to live in an area that received BOTH Washington, DC and Baltimore stations. So I grew up on two very creative and wonderful TV personalities; Dick Dyszel of Captain 20 & Creature Feature on WDCA TV-20 and George Lewis of Captain Chesapeake & Ghost Host on WBFF TV-45.
I am a collector on these shows and am in desperate search for mementos, collectibles, handouts, photos... ANYTHING related to the shows listed above. If you have something, even if it's not for sale, please contact me, I would LOVE to see what survived. You can email me at
Gene Crowell
Laurel, MD

Sun, 24 Oct 2004
Please help settle a family dispute.  I remember watching "Miss Nancy" on Romper Room out of DC during the late 50s or in the 60s.  My sister swears that I'm wrong.  If I am right - is it possible to know whatever happened to "Miss Nancy"?  I'd love to write to her to thank her for my best television memories.
Barbara Seale

Kap responds: "I think both sisters may be correct!  During the late '50s and into the mid-'60s, the Romper Room program on DC's Channel-5 featured "Miss Connie Bohlin" who is profiled HERE.
However, the co-founder of Romper Room worldwide (with her husband Bert) was Nancy Claster. She hosted the Baltimore version of Romper Room from its inception in 1953 until 1963 under the stage name of "Miss Nancy Rogers".
Sadly, Miss Nancy passed-away peacefully in 1997.
It is very, very likely that you remember watching the Baltimore show... while your sister remembers watching the DC show."

Thu, 21 Oct 2004
Don't forget one of Bill Gormly's many characters, the politically incorrect "Luigi Spumoni ". Bill Gormly was, in my opinion just as clever, if not more so, than Soupy Sales. He did not get the exposure that he deserved. He certainly kept me off the streets in the mid-sixties during after school hours and I am the better for it. Wasn't part of his program "Rocky & Bullwinkle"???

What about "Captain Nine" ???    I think he was played by Bob Dalton on WTOP-TV.

Keep up the good work...............

John Gleason

Tue, 19 Oct 2004

It was my roommate, born in 1929, who passed away this past February. She had a record album of Pick Temple's called The Pick of the Crop. It does not appear to be in her collection of old record albums anymore and this was the only place I could find it. I hadn't even recalled the artist's name, only that I enjoyed the album. The last song, The Sinking of the Titanic, was one I learned at summer camp. I scrolled through all the recollections to see if anyone had asked if any copies of the record still existed, and where. I have no recollections of the show itself, but one recollection brought to mind one of my favorites -- Diver Dan.

Nancy Sherburne

Sat, 16 Oct 2004
Did your web site bring back a lot of memories! I grew up in Falls Church in the 1960s and remembered
practically everything on the site. Some things I had forgotten but the page brought them right back. To hear Cap'n Tugg again was amazing! And, I might add, my brother, my sister and I were all guests on the Bill Johnson Show because we had had a Carnival for MD and raised over $300. It is a memory I will never forget. Mr. Johnson was such a nice man. I also went to the opening of Koons Ford you mentioned and saw
Cap'n Tugg
in person. Thanks for the fun time at the site.

Dave Pruiksma

Thu, 30 Sep 2004
As a young boy growing up in Chillum, MD, my mother twice took me down to the Jackson Weaver
TV program, "Just For Fun".  On both occasions I was picked from the TV audience to participate in a program contest.  As I recall, one was a Jackson Weaver version of musical chairs.  All participants had to balance a book on their head while playing the game.  I lost.  The next time, Mr. Weaver picked me and another boy to play a game involving paper plates.  Again I lost.  Jackson often gave the losers a booby prize so to speak.  The winning boy got an archery set and I got a "Tonette" (little girls' home permanent).  The whole audience got a big laugh at my expense, except for one.  My mother went back stage after the show and balled out Mr. Weaver for embarrassing me.   He apologized and gave me an archery set too!  Those were the good old days.  Today, Mom & I would have been tossed out by security!
Ken Marton
Thu, 30 Sep 2004

Do you remember WDCA-TV 20's "Wing Ding" show? It was a local American bandstand that featured regular dancers and local bands performing live.  

Those dance shows were pretty popular. In fact, my band (all teenagers) played on Wing Ding 3 times. I remember coming home after the show... and having all the kids in my neighborhood being excited. As a teenager it was a thrill.    
Sorry to hear the tapes were reused but I can understand the necessity.

Ralph Rillon
Tue, 28 Sep 2004
I was just telling my grandchildren the other day about my appearance on the Ranger Hal Show..... it would have been sometime around 1959, and I had won 7th place in a contest for "Top Pop", having written an essay about my father.  I have a couple photos taken there, but I wondered, does anyone have tapes of the shows, and is there any way to get a copy of one??
a devoted fan,
Wed, 22 Sep 2004
I seem to remember one of the sponsors of Countdown Carnival was Burger Chef. There would appear a little hamburger puppet named "Burgie" and Bill as one of his characters would say the line, "Burgie says, 'People on the go go Burger Chef'" then a commercial would follow. And when the show returned the host would be eating a hamburger. This may also have been one of the sponsors of Cap'n Tugg. I forget which.

Michael Brown
Mon, 20 Sep 2004

I go downstairs to my office to get some serious work done, I take a break and I start surfing the web to see what kind of goofy webs site there are and "bingo", I hit the motherlode.

It’s like going back in time. It’s unbelievable! I’m 52 years old, going on 8, after checking out your site. It’s great!

Is there any old footage of the old shows? What about Captain Kangaroo and the cartoon Tom Terrific. Remember Crabby Appleton, rotten to the core. I forgot all about 
Pete & His Pals. Is there a web-site I can go to to see old footage of cartoons like Tom Terrific? I’ve been told by Tom Wolfe you can’t go home again but what the hell. Great site. Can’t wait to tell my wife.

I was looking over Sam and Friends and believe it or not I still have the Wilkins Coffee puppets that my Mom got for me. It was a special promotion that Wilkins Coffee had, I forgot what you had to do to get it but you had to mail in something of a proof of purchase and so much money. Anyway, I still got them. They’re in pretty good shape.

Marc Brady

Wed, 1 Sep 2004
I was on the Pick Temple show about 1958.  I was so young, 5 years or so that I didn't know that Pick was talking about me, the little red haired girl with the ribbon in her hair, to ride Piccolo.  The kids next to me on the hay bales said "That’s you, get going." I remember turning the stud on the saddle to start the music. That is my most wonderful childhood memory.  Thank you for the website.  I would love to have a picture of that day but I know it would be almost impossible to do.

We lived in Laurel, Maryland so it must have been on Channel 5.  My name was Debbie Munson. My younger sister was the one to go on the show, Annette Munson, but was too scared, so I went.  My parents are both gone and we have no pictures.  Thanks again for making my heart soar by seeing the old photos even if I am not in them.
Debbie, still riding Piccolo.

Tue, 31 Aug 2004

I was just surfing the Internet, and for some unknown reason, I decided to type "Dick Dyzsel" in the Search engine.  Your Site appeared, I had to see what is was about.  Growing up in the DC area in the 60's and 70's, Captain 20 was a part of every kids life.  I was looking at shows that aired during that time, and I saw the "Magic Door".  I remember that because there was a Puppet called "Jellybean" (J.B. for short) Those are my initials.. so all the kids would call me Jellybean.  We would also get reception from Baltimore.. So, I'd watch Captain Chesapeake and Moany the Seamonster.

Jeff Fassett
Wed, 25 Aug 2004

What fun!!!  I just can't thank you folks enough for your website!!!  I was born in 1953 in Washington, DC and grew up with  Cap'n TuggRanger Hal and the gang!  I can remember sitting in front of our swivel black and white TV to watch my favorite programs after school!  I was on the Pick Temple
show and when I saw the membership card I just about lost it - after all those years I could almost repeat the pledge by heart!!!  What a rush to not only to see the pictures but to hear actual sound clips too!!!  BRAVO! 

I can't wait to tell my brother who was born in 1951 - he'll love your site too!!! ...

Liz Deering
Mon, 16 Aug 2004

 I used to watch 
Countdown Carnival faithfully.  My sister and I enjoyed watching "The Adventures of Superman".

Wasn't there a shady character named Mr. Scratch on 
Countdown Carnival?  I remember him running through the studios - he had thick, black moustache, if I remember right.

Dean Gilkey (childhood resident of Falls Church, VA)
Wed, 11 Aug 2004
I remember as a child how my late sister, cousin and I appeared on the
Claire and Co Co
show. I believe the hostess was doing the show on children from the islands or foreign lands. Instead of us saying that we were from the U.S. Virgin Islands my last sister and I said the country that we we're born in.
Then there was a part in the show where Co Co barked at the child to be crowned (can't recall what the crown was for) and I was the bless child to be crowned on the show.
Could you please tell me how I would go about getting a copy of when I appeared on the show? I know it's been more than 30 years, but I would love to show my children.
Giselle A. Morch

Kap responds: Sadly, I don't know of any surviving copies for sale of the Claire and Co Co shows.
Mon, 9 Aug 2004

I love your site!  I was born in Washington, DC, (lived in Alexandria & later on in Arlington, VA) in 1956.  I have fond memories of 
Ranger Hal from my youth.  I remember going on his show (for my birthday?) and receiving some Hershey's syrup, a toy rifle for my brother, and two nearly identical dolls (that my brother later drew mustaches on).  Much later, I was delighted to meet Ranger Hal - again - at the Loudoun Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, where I was secretary to the Provost.  He graciously took my family and me on a tour of his home (an old Civil War era home - very quaint) and I was even on another taped show about him!  He was a sweet, sweet man with the same hearty laugh I recalled from my youth.   He will be sorely missed.

Other memories I have from the 50's & 60's:  the big console t.v. w/stereo, Captain Kangaroo, 
Bozo the Clown, a stuffed Rin Tin Tin dog on which I used to sit to watch t.v. (long lost), Wonder Horse, my Thumbelina doll (dearly beloved), the Chatty Cathy doll I still own (although now she merely mumbles), Barbie (although my brothers used to make Ken fight Barbie when I wanted him to kiss her!  I still have my original Midge and Skipper, but I game them haircuts a long time ago.), my Tressy doll, metal roller skates w/key, metal jacks - aaahhh!  Those were the days!  Now I feel quite old when I go into Cracker Barrel restaurants and see my old stuffed sock monkey for sale!

Jean Johnson
Ad For Captain Astro, 4/2/19675 Aug 2004

I am another adult who grew up in the mid 1950's. I am interested in getting all the info I can on Captain Astro. I collect old vintage toys  (many that I owned new as a kid), and I have several items. I have 2 of the Captain Astro Ray Guns (one complete in the box) and one loose. I also have a Captain Astro lunch box. I would like to find more data on  this character, as I do research on many of the old toys I have collected. Also pictures and facts on the actor who played him would be most valued.  ...

Any help would be appreciated.


Kap responds: Except for a one-time appearance, promoted by Countdown Carnival's Bill Gormly om Sunday, April 2nd, 1967, I'm afraid I don't have any info on Captain Astro. 
Tue, 3 Aug 2004

My dad, Dr. Irvin Levin, and his friend Dr. Ben Alexander did live science experiments on Claire and Co Co
. Both were PhDs at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  They were unique as a scientific team, especially in the racial turmoil of the 1960s since Dr. Alexander was African-American and my Dad was white.  They were excellent friends. Both have passed on.  Claire Kleess was very nice to us when my brothers and I were studio kids on the show.

I'd love to have a video of my dad and Dr. Alexander on the show doing experiments, or at least a photo.  Any way to trace that kind of thing?

Ms. Syril Kline

Mon, 2 Aug 2004

I enjoy your page about DC kids programs as I lived in the Washington area when I was a kid. Just wanted to tell you that there is an article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal today about Gordon Williamson who was the creator, producer and performer on the Hoppity Skippity

Here is the link: Gordon Williamson article

Fri, 23 Jul 2004

I received a call from my mother today. She was born and raised in the D.C. area. She recalled The
Pick Temple Show, and asked me to see what information I could find on it. I looked at your site. It's very interesting. Perhaps you can help.

She and my father spoke about the show for a bit, and argued over who shot the snake, whatever that means. My  mother claims she still has her guns.

Today, July 23rd, is her birthday. I was wondering if there are any of the recordings of the shows in distribution, and how, if there are, to purchase them. I would love to surprise her with them. I also wouldn't mind seeing them, myself.  ...

Joseph Corbin

Kap responds: I'm sorry to report that there are no known surviving copies for sale of the virtually thousands of TV shows that 
Pick Temple hosted over his long run on television.
Mon, 12 Jul 2004

My father, Nat Wright, worked at WTTG in the late'50's as a man-of-all-work.  When Cap'n Tugg
went on vacation, my dad filled in for him on the show.  He was called "Rusty Hull" and had to wear a pair of rubber overalls, and a white wig and a moustache.  I remember being called inside to watch my dad in his "Rusty" getup lip-synching to Danny Kaye's "Thumbelina" on TV.  He said the gig was the worst thing he had to do; wearing the rubber overalls under the hot lights caused him to develop a wicked case of heat rash.
One day, my dad was hanging around Pick Temple
's studio while Pick was doing his program.  When the four kids were chosen to fire at the balloons; a small black kid kept missing the balloons. My dad says the technician with the pin had dropped it, and was frantically looking for it. When the tech finally found the pin and popped a balloon, there was a big close-up of the kid's face as he triumphantly shouted:" that m**********r THAT time!"  Pick quickly said: "yes, you sure did-how 'bout we see what Popeye's up to?" and motioned for a cartoon to run!!! My dad was laughing so hard he fell down!  Pick just shrugged it off.
My parents could have gotten me an invitation to Pick's show through his work, but they decided I was too volatile for live television!!!
I love this website!!!!!!!!!!
Beth Williams

Kap adds: Beth has provided us with photos and information on her dad. Watch for a webpage on Nat Wright and "Rusty Hull" in the future.
Tue, 6 Jul 2004

Whatever happened to Claire Kleess?  Where is she now?

Pat Murphy

Kap replies: Indications are that Claire (now in her 70s) still resides in the Washington, DC metro area.  If anyone is in touch with Ms. Lyons, please tell her that her Claire and Co Co fans would love to know what she has been up to.  Ask her to write me at:

Tue, 29 Jun 2004

I remember being in the Pick Temple
"peanut gallery" and waving my hand, shouting "Heidi please, Heidi please."  Apparantly some kid in an earlier show had figured out that mentioning the sponsor in that way would get him picked to shoot at the rattlesnake, and it became the mantra of all the hopefuls in the peanut gallery on subsequent shows.  I also remember the cool miniature loaf of Heidi bread in the goody bag each of us lucky participants received.  What a cool web site.  (please feel free to include my comments on your site)
Ralph Watson,
Provo, Utah

Tue, 29 Jun 2004

Thanks for compiling those recollections.  I was searching for the words to the Glen Echo Amusement Park theme song, and happened upon your site.
It sure brought back a bunch of memories from my childhood!!!!

Karen Bryant

Kap writes: Thanks to Skip McCloskey of you can hear the Glen Echo Jingle by clicking here.
Mon, 14 Jun 2004 

I remember that Pete Jamerson had small puppets, nothing fancy--one was named "Linadingus" (sp?), a female character that looked (in my memory's eye) sort of like an immigrant in a black babushka.

Jiggs Gallagher

Kap comments: "That female character you remember also appeared on Grandpa's Place and is featured in the only known surviving film of that show. You can buy that show on VHS tape at VIDEO RESOURCES."

The Fizz-NikThu, May 20 2004 

Thank goodness!  Somebody besides my brother and I remember "the Fizz-Nik" I have told everyone I know about them, and everyone looks at me like I need to reserve a room at the funny farm:) 

Is there any way these gadgets are still available? - I'd like to purchase several of them. 

Catlady Leeann

Kappy states: Keep your eyes open for a Fizz-Nik auction on

Mon, 17 May 2004 
I was on the 
Pick Temple show I believe in 1955. My grandmother brought me there. 

Pick Temple picked me from his gallery and asked who I got my beautiful blue eyes from. I told him I was the only one with blue eyes in my family, but, there were a lot of people with blue eyes in my family. I also rode the horse and shot the snake

I remember my grandmother receiving a shopping bag of bread. I was wondering if there were any copies of the show? Wishful thinking.

Thank you for the memories 

Helen Criswell  
(Formerly Helen Ann Exten) 

Tue, 11 May 2004

Stumbled upon your site, it's cool, brings back memories.

I have an autographed (to me) picture of "Cowboy Joe Campbell" and the other is also to me from Ray Haney.

Have two old 45's with the M-G-M label also autographed by Ray Haney. ...

Ray Haney with the Rio Grande Playboys
"Tatered out" b/w "Walking the Blues"

"Walking Around Outside" b/w "Little One, Lean One, Long One"

Mom worked at WRC many years ago and I was lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people because of her. While WRC was at the Sheraton Park Hotel I met Willard Scott (he was a page) and later, when he was doing The Joy Boys with Ed Walker, I would call him and request him to play something special for my date. 

Walter Irvin

Kap responds: Thanks for sharing Walter! I'll be putting your contributions to work in a future web page for Ray Haney, and several pages for Joe Campbell.

Tops Drive-Inn, Northern VirginiaSun, 9 May 2004

Unbelievable! What a great web site!

Help! My old geezer friends and I are desperately trying to remember the specialty sandwiches at Topps Drive Inn. We've come up with the Sir Loiner, the Jim Dandy, and the Maverick. We seem to remember a hot ham sandwich that had pineapple and "secret sauce" on it. Does anyone have a clue as to what that was? I'll bet if Milt Grant were still around, he'd know!

Joe Johnson 

Wed, 5 May 2004 

Browsing through your Pick Temple website brought back a memory I'd like to share. I remember becoming a "Giant Ranger" back in the early 50's.

From time to time Pick would telephone one of his "rangers" from his show. One afternoon our phone rang, and it was Pick! My mom called me to the phone, which was near the TV. I could hear Pick asking me questions. All I did was nod toward the TV -- thinking he could see me nodding! After all, I couldn't have been more than 3 1/2 or 4 at the time! My mom took the phone from me and finished the conversation with Pick.

Thanks so much for pleasant memories.

Ray Barger, Jr.
Hagerstown, MD

Pick Temple's son, Park Temple, responds: "This was a thing we tried for a short time.  Didn't really work out - so I am surprised at the recollection.  I guess, when you are the one getting the call, it's vivid.  But it wasn't the kind of television that worked for kids watching...." 

Sun, 2 May 2004 

Greetings from Mexico. I just came upon your website almost by accident and it has brought back many memories. I lived near Washington D.C. in the early to late 60s and I remember the Ranger Hal program very well. In fact, I never missed it.

I also remember very well the tragic Kennedy assassination in Nov. 1963 and I'm sure that due to the confusion in young peoples minds (including mine) upon hearing that "Oswald shot the president", it was thought that Oswald Rabbit was the culprit. On the show it was made clear to the young viewers that Oswald Rabbit did not shoot the President. Does anyone else remember this? I could swear that my memory is not failing and that this did happen. ...

My memory has been refreshed after 38 or 40 years. I remember Bill GormlyMiss Connie (sorry to find out about her death), The Three Stooges, I could not remember the name of Cap'n Tugg or his parrot even though I remember the show and the parrot being sent off to space with his seaweed crackers. All this is coming back to me after so many years. Its incredible.

I also remember that the man who had the Three Stooges show (Mr. Johnson) also hosted a show I believe that showed old (mostly B science fiction ) movies. I remember one show he hosted with the movie KRONOS. I also recall his recomendations to youngsters not to try any of the Stooges antics. I remember too that my older brother told me that Bill Gormly did all his characters but I thought at the time that they were all different people.

I once went to the opening of a Giant or Grand Union supermarket with the appearance of Ranger Hal, but I was too shy to get near him. I'm sorry now that I missed that experience.


Sat, 1 May 2004

I was born in Washington DC, Jan 1953.  I really don't remember much until I started school in 1958. That also happens to be when my folks brought home our first television, floor model, big black and white picture. I remember wondering what that UHF knob was for, cause nothing ever played there but static. Channel 5 was a different story, and Channel 4.

Pick Temple was one of my early heroes, I loved his show. It seems I sent a million cards in to get on his show, when to my surprise, I finally got one back saying I was invited. I always felt I was a legitimate wild west cowboy type hero since I had been born in Northwest DC. I had a Mattel Fifty Fanner with holster, and felt I could slap leather with the best of them. I was sure my mom would buy me the rest of the western attire required for the show, I was lock jawed when she laid out my sailor suit. A cowboy with a sailor suit, how ridiculous. I was steamed. Pick would never pick me to draw on the puppet in a sailor suit.

To my surprise he really got a kick out of my outfit, a sailor gunslinger. He picked from the throng of kids sitting on the bleachers. I was the only one wearing a sailor hat. My dream had come true. I was on the Pick Temple show, about to draw against the puppet and win loads of goodies. I drew as fast as I could, lightning fast, but Pick said the puppet got me. I argued right into the cartoon. I still got a big bag of goodies from Giant Food, every kid there got one. I hoped for a second shot at the puppet, but I never did get it. That had to be 1959 or 60.

I also loved Cap'n Tugg, Pow Wow the Indian Boy, Tom TerrificBozo the Clown, (the Willard Scott version, the true Bozo), and Gigantor flipped my wig. Popeye, Sky King, My Friend Flicka.  We had such wholesome shows in those days. all in glorious black and white. Thanks for this site.

I told my grandkids that I had been on TV in the 50's on the Pick Temple show, and no one knew the name, especially down here in Memphis TN. I lucked up and found this site looking for Pow Wow the Indian Boy stills. You made an old guy smile again and a believer out of my offspring, thanks.

John David Jones

April 2004

I too was on the Pick Temple show as were my brothers.  I vaguely remember being told that we would be taken to see Popeye's ship about halfway through the show.  But this turned out to be a trip to the bathroom down the hall from the production studio.  Does anyone else remember this....or has time warped my memory? ... 

Another Pick Temple fan.

Sat, 3 Apr 2004 

As a Washington, DC native my sisters and I were on one or the other of these shows.  I remember all of our names were sent to Pick Temple to get on the show and there were only 1 or 2 of us who went on that.  I remember being so disappointed I didn't get to go.  I so wanted to see the pony and ride him. 

 Ranger Hal we all went to.  I remember being back stage and what was the name of the other on that show? A rabbit or something.  But being a brat, I remember being told that there was something that either came out of or went into this things mouth and I remember taking my hand and shoving it down the throat of this thing to prove him wrong. 

Bozo we all loved, and went on there too.  Boy, these memories come back after hearing so much about them. 

Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans were great favorites too!

Karen Ryan Crawford

Wed, 24 Mar 2004 

I used to love Romper Room as a child.  I always wanted to be on the show.  I once remember making up a story about going to see Bozo the Clown on Romper Room.  Seeing your website brought back fond memories of childhood. 

I also remember some stilts the children used to walk on, they looked like upside down sand pails with ropes attached.  I always want a set of those things.  Hey do they still make them?


Fri, 19 Mar 2004 

Thank you so much for the wonderful site.  It certainly is fun.

Did  Ranger Hal change the name of Oswald Rabbit after JFK was assassinated?  As I recall, the name "Oswald" was very unpleasant to hear for many years, and the show changed it to "Ozzie."

My brother claims the following really happened on Pick Temple:  There was a segment of the show in which kids shot at balloons on a wall, while someone behind the wall popped them with a pin.  (I trust I am not giving any secrets away here.)  One kid fired and fired but the pin popper was AWOL -- no pops.  When Pick tried to console him, the boy replied, "I swear I got that mother*****!"

But I don't believe it.


Sun, 14 Mar 2004 

I think you will enjoy this story. It was 1950. I was 8 years old and one of the luckiest kids ever due to the fact that my family had one of the few TV sets in our D.C. apartment building. Basically I got to "host" the Pick Temple show on many days for visiting friends or have it to myself on others. Let me tell you that I was a big Pick Temple fan with high hopes of going on the show.

Those hopes were dashed, however, when my mother told me that only White kids were allowed on the show. Not wanting to accept this fact of the times I bugged her to write the station anyway. She followed up by sending a letter along with a required photograph. Days later she was informed that the show was not able to accommodate "colored" kids. The sponsor-Giant Food Stores- offered consolation in the form of coupons for free Hiedi bakery products. 

My mom was not a radical, but she was never one to suffer injury to her kids lightly. She wrote Mr. Temple a letter explaining the dissapointment of his biggest fan and her dismay over the gap between his songs about justice and fairness and the policies of his show. Mr. Temple promptly responded with a letter telling her that he did not agree with those policies and that as far as he was concerned I would come on the show. A few weeks went by and then the letter came informing me of the date for my appearance. 

I went on the show and it was wonderful. There was one important difference though. Instead of sharing this moment with the usual 24 other kids I wednt on all by myself. I would hear my parents say later that a big "fight" took place between Pick Temple and the station executives over the issue of my coming on. The compromise was that I did come on the show without integrating it. 

From the perspective of an 8 year old this made it all more wonderful. I had the whole show to myself and I became an instant celebrity in my school and, on occassion, when people was notice me in doctor's offices, barber shops etc. About 4 years later Mr. Temple's efforts to integrate the show were successful. He not only invited me back, but he also included my two younger sisters.

It was not quite the same. I had become a bit of a "senior citizen" for a Giant Ranger and I was now sharing the event with about 50 kids which included my two-yuck-sisters. 

I tell this story often in conjunction with workshops and presentations that I give to audiences around the country on cultural diversity, and conflict resolution. The point that I enjoy making is how one man acting out of committment to his values took a stand that helped change a society. In my life I have seen much less accomplished by a "cast of thousands" spending millions on litigation. Simply put, Pick Temple modeled the potential of the nation that he sang about. 

This summer I will embark on a three month motorcycle trip throughout the USA. As I travel. I will write my reflections on the changes which have taken place in this land of my birth. Changes which have made it possible for me to take a trip that my dad would have never considered and which I may have not risked 35 years ago. I hope to include  Pick Temple in my writings through conversations with friends, associates and family members who can give me a personal sense of this man who had a powerful impact on my life.

Would you be able to assist me in making connections so that I can contact some of these individuals as I travel across the country?  Arizona is definitely on my list. I would also appreciate any information that I can get on sources of additional information about this man whom I understand may have converted his sur-name from Templovitch to Temple.

Thank you .
Ben Alexander

Kap answers: If you can assist Mr. Alexander in making connections, write to and your message will be forwarded to him.

Sat, 13 Mar 2004 

Thanks for this great site! I was looking for Pick Temple and discoved a gambit of lost memories. Cap'n Tugg, an afternoon favorite. Willard Scott as Bozo the Clown, Creature Feature on Friday night, The Joy Boys, and Countdown Carnival. Having grown up in the DC area it's great to find a site such as this. Does anyone remember Louis Allen or Steve Gilmartin? Best of all, Thanks Bob Dalton for all the info you supplied me (so far ) in my life


Thu, 11 Mar 2004 

At 57 years, parts of my childhood are occasionaly glimpsed through the fog.  E.g., I was really gratified to find your website recalling Hoppity Skippity on WTTG. 

I watched as a child in Falls Church, VA, probably in the mid-50s.  My Dad was at the Pentagon in some capacity.  I have tried to persuade current friends that such a show existed. "Wemember kids, I'm a weal wive wabbit." The only ad I recall clearly was for Glen Echo, an amusement park... in Maryland. ...

Can you or any of your correspondents tell me if it was on Hoppity Skippity that a regular bit consisted of a character (maybe Hoppity himself) creeping up to a wishing-well type set piece, reciting what I later learned was a bastardization of Gilbert & Sullivan-  Pirates of Penzance - "With cat-like tread, upon our wway we steal, no sound at all . . ."  Some creature emerged from the well, to cheers from whatever the local equivalent of the "peanut gallery."

Ross Elliott

Tue, 9 Mar 2004

Hi! You have a great site.

People thought I was losing it when I insisted there was a kid-show called "Captain Tugboat" that I used to watch as a child. I started a search for it and could not come up with the show and the only thing that I found was a show called "Captain Chesapeake." I knew that didn't seem right and the character did not bring back any memories. 

Doing more research and not using the search for "Captain Tugboat" I finally found the show ... Cap'n Tugg. Back when we had black and white tv and the reception wasn't that good I still remember that bearded salty sailor on late afternoon tv. He had a segment where he would read kid's letters, so I wrote one ... and as a kid was disappointed when it didn't get read. I'm finally glad that I can say I'm not crazy for thinking that I watched this show.

David Brechbiel

Sat, 6 Mar 2004

I was born at DC General Hospital in 1955, moved to Maryland and attended Albert Einstein High School. Back in the 70's ... I used to walk to Wheaton Plaza every day and pass through Fairlanes Bowling Alley, S.S. Kresge's and Peoples Drug, the Hobby Shop (not "Red's Hobby Shop" which was on the corner of University Blvd. and Georgia Ave.), near the escalators...

If you were a kid like me growing up in the middle of the 1950 - 1960's "Space Race" era, you had the pleasure of watching a great selection of space cartoons being broadcast on "the air" (of course not cable - yet!).  I remember each morning, shows showing space cartoons.  Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Space Patrol, Fireball XL-5, Ultra Man, Rocket Man, Commander Cody... and THE SPACE EXPLORERS were everywhere.

A new website has emerged out of the clear blue which has images of that old series!  Does anyone else remember it ??? (Take a look.  Tell your friends... Request a comeback by writing to )  

All but forgotten, I suspect other "baby-boomers" have had trouble correctly identifying the series, because as fascinating and educational as it was, it hasn't been seen since about 1963!  This is the one with the old Polaris-style rocketship that rolled out and launched horizontally on rails.  It had a blinking light on the front and a huge clear glass cockpit area where you could see fantastic views of outer-space approaching!  The four main characters were: "Commander Perry", the astronaut who blasted off and reportedly crashed on the planet Mars, his young son "Jimmy" who stowed away in a crate loaded on "Professor Nordheim's" rescue rocket- ship the Polaris-II, and "Smitty" the Navigator who were all trying to find him.

Chuck Scholtz 

Wed, 3 Mar 2004 

Great site!  I discovered it quite by accident while looking for Pick Temple.  ... I was on Pick Temple's show twice, in 1957 or 1958; I  would have been 5 at the time.  I still remember being horribly embarrassed  when my cowboy hat fell off my head and behind the bleachers where I was sitting!

Your site made me think of other Washington TV shows I enjoyed when I was a kid.  I was having trouble remembering the names, but thanks to your site I have now remembered Pete & His Pals.  It was the reference to the Can Can being the theme that clued me in.  But there is no reference to my favorite character, General Red Tape, who worked at the Octagon. 

Does anyone remember him?

Alan Straus

Sat, 28 Feb 2004

A grest site , It bought back a lot of memories . What about the Milt Grant Show ?  and Captain Video ?


Kap sez: We are (slowly, I must admit) working on a future page for Milt Grant. However, we will not be covering Captain Video as that show was a network production by DuMont outside of DC.

Mon, 23 Feb 2004

I was a bit too old for Hoppity. But I won a school talent show in about 1955 (M.C'd by Jackson Weaver) with my ventriloquist act. The prize was an appearance on the afternoon Art Lamb TV talk show on WTTG. His show was followed by Hoppity Skippity and both shows were in the same studio at the Raleigh Hotel. (I remember meeting Pete Jamerson, a newscaster, in the men's room.)

As the Lamb show was winding down, they set up the Hoppity set, which consisted of a big artificial log for Hoppity to sit on in front of a rear projection screen with a forest scene projected on it.

My dad and I were amused to see Hoppity in full costume sitting on the log smoking a cigarette waiting for his show to begin. When the Lamb show was over and the commercial starting running, Hoppity tossed the butt on the floor and stomped it out with a big furry paw. He went from a deadpan to an instant big smiling greeting to his audience. My dad could hardly keep from cracking up.

Al Stevens

Fri, 20 Feb 2004 

I am Sharen Campbell Dowdy, the daughter of Joe Campbell, otherwise known as Cowboy Joe.  We just lost our dad on November 10, 2003, but not before he was able to complete, and see, his autobiography in print; "On The Edge of Greatness (But No Cigar)" by J. Pendleton Campbell.

My brothers and I are currently archiving what surviving recordings we have from the shows that had Longhorn, Shorthorn and Penelope on them.  I would so love to exchange information with you.  I am looking for any of the kids who used to watch his show, any pictures from WRC-TV, specifically are there any pictures of Longhorn and Shorthorn anywhere? 

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to find your website and see my father's smiling face on it.  He was truly a remarkable man who had a remarkable life and I'm so glad others remember him as well. 

Sharen Dowdy 

Kap responds: In loving memory of their dad, Sharen and her brothers Mark, and Phil present the photo collection at
The Joe Campbell Scrapbook

February 10, 2004

Hi!  A friend e-mailed your address to me in a panic telling me I had to check out this site.  Thanks for your time and hard work putting this tribute page together, I love it.  I'm a DC native, born in late 50s, and the images pull at the heartstrings in a major way.

I have a question.  In the back of my mind I remember a kid show host named Baby Daphne.  She dressed up like a witch and had a boutique and the currency for trade was bubble gum cards.  She looked like a very out-there Stockard Channing.  Wiggy stuff but wildly entertaining.

I wonder if you have any info. on her As I recall the show came on in the mornings on weekdays.

Perri Pagonis

Kap answers: Baby Daphne's show aired on Channel-5, but it originated from Los Angeles, not DC. Learn more by clicking on:

Wed, 4 Feb 2004

I recall a show entitled "Bill Wells Tells" - Bill Wells told stories and used a large pad of white paper to draw illustrations - he even gave drawing lessons.  The first time I heard about the "Pirates of Penzance" was on his show.  Do you have any information? ...

I also recall that Bill Wells played some sort of a "Phantom"-type character... don't remember the character's name (I saw him at a personal appearance at the Hecht Company store in Silver Spring).  I also vaguely remember that Bill Wells got into some sort of legal trouble... again, it just a faded memory.

You have a great site - you haven't missed anyone. ... Inspector Dick Mansfield came to my school (Brightwood) in the mid-50's.  I also recall a school visit by Pick Temple. 

Tom Reardon
Sierra Vista, AZ
(Born in DC in 1946)

Kap comments: Watch for a web page on Bill Wells, on The Black Phantom (who actually was played by Guy Aylward, not Bill Wells), and on Dick Mansfield. 

Mon, 2 Feb 2004

I can't believe I found this site...  Thanks for wonderful childhood memories. 

I was on the Ranger Hal show when I was 4 or 5 in 1965 or 1966... are the old shows available? I am a native Washingtonian. My mom took me to the show, which I was ecstatic about attending, with a bag of carrots for the rabbit puppet, who I loved! ...

I am 42, soon to be 43 and was born and raised in DC; believe it or not, I was falling asleep the other night and thought of Ranger Hall!  I think it's because I have a little boy who's 3 and a baby girl who's 8 months, so my mind is on things about and for children.  Anyway, I just plugged in Ranger Hal on the was so cool to see pics and all!  I was also a very extroverted child and the opportunity to go to the show almost sent me over the moon, esp about meeting the rabbit...somehow or other I think my parents had friends who knew the director or producer of Capt K and Ranger H.

Carolyn Comeau 

Tue, 27 Jan 2004

I cannot recall who would substitute for Bill Johnson as host for the 3 Stooges show. (Kap notes: It may have been Paul Hallett.) 

I believe I found your website searching for "Mack and Myer", but I cannot remember. 

How about "Woodrow and Willoughby????" 

I am 46 and was a big fan of Countdown Carnival and Cap'n Tugg.  I sent in a drawing and received a thank-you letter from Bill Gormly from 1963 which I may still have in my possession.  Excuse my rambling, but I have so many memories.  I understand there is a new Astro Boy cartoon.  Bill Johnson is warning the kids not to try the Stooges tricks at home -- that these were professional comics.

I love old-time Baltimore TV also.  Thanks for the memories!

Gary J. Mccormack

Mon, 26 Jan 2004

I just found this website.  My, my, it's been a long time since I remember Pick Temple Is there anyway you can tell me, what show I appeared on when I was on his show?  I was between 5 - 7 yrs old, my name at the time was Judith Feldmann.  Wow, this is taking me back some years.  I love this site!


January 20, 2004

Mickey Deams and Joey Faye were the performers who played in the "Mack & Myer For Hire" TV comedies, patterned after the films of Laurel & Hardy, (although Mr. Faye wore a derby hat, a jacket, white shirt and a flowing tieable bowtie that were similar to Lou Costello's). The two hapless handimen tried to successfully complete their assigned tasks, but their ineptitude and dealings with obnoxious adult authority figures made it impossible for "Mack & Myer" to succeed!

Aside from being one of the performers on the series, Mr. Deams was also one of the show's writers. He was aided in the creation and development of the skits by Stan Laurel himself. Mr. Laurel would call and/or write to Mr. Deams and make suggestions in how the scripts should be created and performed before the cameras. 

The series was produced by veteran TV producer and director Sandy Howard. Back in the early 1950s, Mr. Howard was the guiding genius behind NYC's pioneering kids TV wrap-around show "The Merry Mailman" which starred Ray Heatherton in the title role and Milt Moss as his head puppeteer and comedy assistant. Chic Darrow was "The Topsey Turvey Auctioneer" as his second comedy assistant.

The other guiding genius on "Mack & Myer For Hire" was comedy filmmaker Eddie Sutherland. Mr. Sutherland worked with Laurel & Hardy on their film "The Flying Deuces" at RKO Radio Pictures in 1939 and with Abbott & Costello on "One Night In The Tropics" at Universal Pictures in 1940. 

Following cancellation of "M&MFH", Mr. Deams went on to perform on other tv shows, in the movies and in plays and musicials, before retiring around the 1980s.

Mr. Faye continued to perform on TV, in the theater and in the movies. His real name was Joey Pallidino. He had been a performer and creator of classic comedy skits in burlesque. His most famous burlesque comedy skit is "Flooge Street" or the "Susquehanna Hat Co." skit that Abbott & Costello performed on their TV show and in the film "In Society". He retired to The Actor's Home in Engle wood, NJ (Yes! Lou..There really is an Actor's Home In Englewood, NJ) around the 1990s. He died in 1998.  ...

Kevin S. Butler

Mon, 19 Jan 2004 

My older brother Bob sent me this link, and I clicked on Pick Temple first thing.

Heck, I had my Ranger card until I was like 36... I think I lost it in my divorce.

I was one of the lucky few that got to ride the horse, which I now remember was named Piccolo.  I must have been really young, because about the only things I remember about being on the show are (1) the ride downtown on the streetcar; (2) riding the horse and leaning to look directly into the camera; and (3) shooting at the snake. 

The rest is but shadows.

Tom Steinberg

Sun, 18 Jan 2004 

I sent in a Rat Fink model to Countdown Carnival especially for the host... I put "BG" on the front instead of the usual "RF"... after a couple of weeks, Bill Gormly started the show with a close up of my Rat Fink... I'll never forget my five minutes of fame... do you think he could return it to me now? (just kidding)

My brother Tom  got to ride on Pick Temple's horse during that show and I didn't... so I have some issues with that... if you happen to be able to contact Mr. Gormly... it would be nice to see if he remembers... I sent a lot of money into the Carnivals for MD at the time... we had a carnival almost every year for about four years... one thing sticks in my mind... we sold some Beatles dolls that were donated for about 50 cents a piece... if I would have saved them... now I could collect about $10,000.

Really... your site brought back some memories... including probably one of the most loved personalities of all time from here... Willard Scott... nothing has ever been said badly about him... I still hate Bryant Gumbel for that and hope some day Willard Scott Willard Scottwill kick his ass... I never watch anything that Bryant Gumbel has anything to do with.

Bob Steinberg

Sat, 17 Jan 2004

For a lot of years, I have been asking the question "What was the name of Pick Temple's horse?" It has stumped every one that I know. As a native Washingtonian, I remember most of the details that I grew up with, but this one escapes me. I have even rode the trails in Rock Creek Park where the parting shots were filmed, but still don't know the answer to that!!! I first heard this question in the mid '70s when I was working in Silver Spring MD.

W. Fleming

Kap explains: I posed your question to Pick Temple's son, Park, and here's his answer:
"Wonder of wonders - I know the name.  His registered name - he was a thoroughbred - was Van Philip, and he was known as Phil.

How did I know?  I am going through my family's photos and sorting out scenery from the real pictures.  I found Dad's annotation of a few pictures of Phil being groomed for the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1960, including a picture of Dave Swetnam, who was Phil's owner."

Fri, 16 Jan 2004 

Wow! What a trip down memory lane! 

Thanks for your efforts in putting this wonderful site together. Really brought back a ton of memories. I grew up in Virginia and watched these shows daily!

By chance, do you remember "Super-Car" -- the show with puppets/marionettes? Would love to find some info about that series.
Ric Emrich

Sun, 11 Jan 2004

I grew up in Montgomery County and attended the public schools. I still remember watching Time For Science, at Hillandale Elementary School in Silver Spring - it was quite a novelty to watch something on TV (we weren't the TV generation yet), I'm sure we enjoyed it. I believe the theme music was Trumpet Voluntary by Purcell, or something very much like it. That music showed up in a lot of weddings in the Washington area in the 70's, and I think that's why - we couldn't get it out of our heads. 

I remember the TV being wheeled into our class, on a regular basis.  I’m sure we all groaned on a regular basis too.  But I also remember it as being quite exciting – classes on TV.  Up until then we only had films and filmstrips, some pretty bad, some good Disney ones (The Living Desert comes to mind), so TV was quite a step up. Time For Science wasn’t quite up to Mr. Wizard, but it was good, none the less. 

I saw the obituary in the on January 10th, 2004 for Elizabeth Campbell, who founded WETA, and they mentioned Time For Science as the first program, so I did a web search and found your site. 

Barbara Johnson
Glen Arm, MD

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